Perfectionism is Evil.

It's been a super hot minute since I last posted a blog or even messed with my wesbite and I want to explain why.

  Have you ever been really good at screwing up your own life? That was the epitome of me in 2017. Am I over exaggerating? Yes, but I pretty much sabotaged every single opportunity that came my way and felt the most stagnation of my whole entire life last year. Back in 2013 I had worked for a top supplement company and I was a go getter. You wanted something done? It would be done and then somewhere along the way, I lost that drive and I have yet to find it again. I used to think having no schedule and being young and free was a dream but I could not crave structure anymore than I do now.

  One thing I am truly craving is the ability to be consistent. I think 2013 was the last time I exhibited the consistency trait. I feel so down on myself knowing I never know when I will commit to something, as I have failed at almost every single commitment I've made from something as simple to doing a challenge on instagram or youtube or teaching a retreat. All, I have been unable to complete and move into. I have been trying to discover where I went wrong and I think I have found the problem and it's called PERFECTION. I am paralyzed in fear that anything i do won't be perfect so my mind and conscious rationalizes not doing it at all which is, in my book, FAILURE. Do not let perfectionism ruin your chances of building something great. I'm pretty sure I've lost all credibility with people who have looked up to me after speaking about things and not delivering them time after time and if somehow you are reading this, I am so incredibly thankful to have your eyes and ears. If you are going through this phase of life where you seem to get nothing right because your fear of not being "right." causes you to do nothing, there is hope and we can get through this together.

A few things we can do right now to overcome perfectionism.

  1. As soon as you have a task to complete, and you have the time to do it, do it. It is something as simple as doing the dishes, dishes don't need to be done perfectly...yet we still procrastinate in that activity. How do you think you will get larger things done, if you put even a small task off?
  2. Meditate about whatever you are scared of. Meditation is not about silencing the mind, but getting to know it and embrace it. Often I overthink everything that could go wrong and end up letting that cause paralyzation in my intention to get things done.
  3. Direction. Have some direction behind your intention as intention is not enough to steer you through action. I intend to do a lot of things but I fail to write things out and have no direction. If im trying to freestyle everything, mess ups are bound to happen at an even greater rate, so therefore it makes me less likely to follow through. You don't have to put yourself in a box, but have some structure and direction to move into what you need to move into.
  4. TRUST. Trust that what you are doing is beneficial and right and you will find the strength and courage to do it no matter what. I found myself often thinking that my instagram followers would be against a certain thing and so, without even giving them the option to see it, I automatically tarnished it. TRUST in what you do and you will put so much more passion into it.

Quick yoga sequence to embrace yourself. 

1. 2 minutes of child's pose with palms flipped up.

2. 1 minute of liberating movement in table top. (get weird.)

3. 1 minute of downward facing dog.

4. 3-5 sun salutation A's with supported low lunge on both sides within them.

5. Rabbit pose 1 minute. 

6. Butterfly on back, hand over heart and belly 1-2 minutes.

7. Reclined spinal twists 30 seconds both sides.

8. Give yourself a huge hug in knees to chest and forehead to knees on back.

9. 5 minutes of savasana. LET GO. 

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