DeAndre Sinette  ·  RYT and creator of   Yoga With DeAndre

DeAndre Sinette · RYT and creator of Yoga With DeAndre


meet me

My name is De’Andre Sinette and I have came from a very dark place. When I was growing up I used to spend a lot my days and nights crying and being treated with hate. I was verbally, mentally and physically abused and was told nearly everyday that I was worthless. I wasn’t going anywhere and would never do anything worthwhile in this lifetime I would hear. That can really damage a kid and It did. Bruises and pain fade but the mental bruises stay for eternity. I let it drive me into deep depression and even to the point where I was suicidal. After I graduated from high school I went to college for a semester and had to drop out due to partying too much and being put on academic suspension. I told my mom I was dropping out and she made me move out if I wasn’t going to college. I accepted that because I knew I was going to make her proud without it.

Eventually finding myself in good standing in the fitness community I built myself up to go work with one of the top supplement companies in the fitness industry. Did a lot of great things but eventually they ended up using me and we parted ways leaving me damaged, and defeated which led me to find yoga for true healing from that and my past childhood. Yoga lead me to discovering myself and I found that I had a lot within me which lead me to want to guide people in finding their own light out of their darkness. I fell in love with the self love aspect of the practice and I became dedicated and progressed very fast. I built a following sharing my journey being real and raw with people. I don’t hide behind my past and my pain. I share it along with the joys of my life and practice. I want to set people free from what has damaged and ultimately I just want to guide people into freedom. In all aspects of life. 


I offer in person and online privates, life/yoga coaching, workshops and retreats. I am open to travel so if anyone wants me to come to their hometown to teach send me an email at